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Handwriting and creative writing notebook

My 7 year old excitedly held up his new notebooks and exclaimed with happiness, 'I now have the tools to write away!'

As we've both been so thrilled with the notebooks, I thought a blogpost was in order!

We have the lovely handwriting notebook and the creative writing notebook. Continue reading for our impressions of the two...

Notebook of story writing 

The first thing about the story writing notebook is the lovely cover. It is a great design, both child friendly but not too young for a 7 year old boy! 'Let the adventure begin...' is a great caption for the cover of a notebook to be filled with all sorts of adventures. 

Within the notebook, there is a mountain of knowledge, making story writing so much easier and fun. I love how the notebook begins with an explanation of adjectives, and examples to work through. 

This fantastic notebook works through how a story develops, introducing beginning, middle, crisis and ending. It doesn't just label each part you need in a story but works through each one, helping your child progress with confidence

Furthermore, it's great to see spaces for illustrations, kids love expressing their creativity, and this notebook allows for that! A definite positive. 

The notebook beautifully works through dialogues, bringing characters to life, has checklists and fab title suggestions. 

Any child using this will come up with a masterpiece of writing! 

7 year old has enjoyed starting his story using the notebook.

Handwriting notebook

The second notebook we have is the handwriting booklet. Once again (as you can see from the photo), it has a well designed cover, colourful yet 'grown up'! 

This notebook follows the general rule of thumb when it comes to handwriting books. The notebook eases into handwriting, by beginning with the alphabet. Initially the child has to trace over the lightly shaded letters, eventually moving on, and therefore writing the letters independently. In order to achieve results, each page is then devoted a letter eachensuring time spent practising, and we know practise makes perfect!

After the letter practise the notebook moves onto words and then sentences. Once little person has completed this notebook, I know for a fact he will, both, have the confidence in his writing and have beautiful writing! 


When it comes to purchasing anything we use for our home education, it always feels much better when the quality exceeds expectations. 

I am astounded by the quality of these notebooks. The paper (strong enough for my kids to call it nearly card!) is robust, and can happily withstand erasing of the year (7 year old can go wild with the eraser). 

It's great to see the cover covered with a lovely sheet of clear plastic, above all else, it means the water/juice splashes won't ruin the cover....happy mum!

Final thoughts 

I love it when I find the perfect products/items to use through our home ed journey. These have definitely been a hit, but there is far more available on the website. We will be purchasing more products, so watch this space! 

And with that, here is the link to the website, click and take a look: 

little Writing Company


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