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Archibold Clutterbuck and friends

My extensive hunt for a fun and exciting geography resource for my 7 year old came to an end when I found an absolutely brilliant children’s geography pack! ArchilboldClutterbuck is and has been the perfect find and I no longer spend endless night trying to create and find fun filled resources.

So why is it so good?

It isn’t just the fact that you receive a world map, ‘Continents explorer journal’ and stickers, it is more than the physical items. The website is bursting with information, endless facts and short videos. The best part is, it isn’t like trying to get a 7 year old to read the dictionary(!), it is fun, colourful and engaging. Everything is simple enough for children to understand, yet the information is there too, so no compromises on that front! 

Continents Explorer Journal 

This is, as the title states, a journal for your little one to fill in. It is exceptionally well designed, not just a notebook for kids to fill in. It has colour, pictures, lovely sections for children to draw animals, or transport or celebrations from around the world and more. 
I love the way it is set. Each continent has enough space and pages to write out all the facts the children learn. Each continent page starts with a few facts, so things like population, number of countries, longest river, largest country, smallest country and so on. This works well for us, it enables my 7 year to comprehend what are important facts, and how to make a concise list without having to write pages and pages. 

An added bonus, always welcome in this house, is the quality of the paper. We tend to erase a lot! Some papers can only withstand so much of constant erasing and writing, but this journal has passed that test with flying colours. Brilliant quality! 


For what I paid, I was already impressed with the journal and world map plus stickers. However, the website is, well let’s say, icing on the cake! Little person has spent so long looking through each section, ‘wowing and ooohing’! 
The website has lots of different sections, covering flags, continents, environments, indigenous people, Kaia’s worldy adventure,Archie’s top 5, galleries and activities! 

Whilst looking at Africa today, little person was able to (only using the website) pick up on mountains, animals, indigenous people and deserts! We’ve also enjoyed Kaia’s adventure! Top 5 videos have been an added bonus, they’re nice and short but full of factual info, making it easy to remember! 
With so many sections, so much is covered on the website, I can see this being easily used as a stand alone resource for geography. That is exactly what we have been doing, and it’s made geography planning and teaching simple but absolutely fun! 

So hop along and take a look at the website: 


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